Visualizations that bring

  • information
  • processes
  • stories
  • data
  • products
  • concepts
  • reports
  • ideas
  • longreads
  • systems

to life.

Atlas Interactive
brings information to life.

From websites to infographics and from maps to annual reports; animated and interactive visuals bring your information to life so that users gain insights and become involved.

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In many different forms


We create interactive infographics, data visualizations and other digital designs to provide insight in the complexity of processes, concepts or results.


We design maps, floor plans and wayfindings to clarify local, nationwide or worldwide processes and activities.


We design and develop custom websites, web applications and other interactive visualizations that bring your story to life.

Product explainers

We create tailor-made visuals to make the possibilities of your product or service understandable.

Do it yourself?

In many cases, you can visualize your data easily yourself.

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