Infographics offer insight in information.

We create interactive infographics, data visualisationss and other digital designs that clarify information.

We live in the age of information. Communicating this information efficiently has become crucial. We think interactivity and animation can aid in simplifying this information. On top of that: it will immersively involve the user.

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Concepts and stories

Sometimes information is not defined in structures or numbers but rather as an idea, a scientific principal or a story. We use animation and interaction to engage the user with your story.

In what concept do you want your customer engaged?

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The sun-earth-moon relation - interactive
Avarage temperature in The Netherlands 1901 - 2018 (in Celsius) - interactive


Data is often an inaccessible collection of variables with complex connections. We transform the data into useful information so that it provides insights hidden otherwise.

What complex data would you like to resolve?

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Structures and processes

Structures and processes are often complex. By adding a layered hierarchy we clarify this complexity.

For example: A multi-annual process and its activities can be captured in a visual that offers details only when activated by the user by clicking.

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An example of a 'product to market' process - interactive
Government budget of The Netherlands (2019) - interactive

Results and annual reports

We turn entangeld Excel data and vague KPI's into easy to process visualisations of results such as annual reports.

Which results do you want to communicate?

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