Solar system orrery

Clarifying the cosmic clockwork of our solar system

Open the interactive

Orginally created as free to use interactive, this orrery lead to different types of products. The interactive caught quite some attention and was covered by the likes of Gizmodo, io9 and Scientias and was adopted into the collection of the royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker, the Netherlands. This is the oldest still working planetarium in the world. The design was also stylized and transformed into a poster print under the brand of Stellar Ink.

This interactive aims to give people a sense of how the planets in our solar system orbit the sun. In a simplified graphical presentation the planets are seen orbiting the sun at a relatively high speed. The user is encouraged to grab any one of these planets, drag it around the sun manually and experience the orbit periods of the other planets as they are driven along their orbit at relative speeds, uncovering the ‘interplanetary clockwork’. This alone is the simple essence of the interactive.

Stellar Ink

Translating the interactive into a poster print


Eise Eisinga Planetarium